Where did the mushrooms near Moscow disappear?

Weekly “Argumenty i Fakty” No. 37. With all the consequences. What flows from the tap 09/14/2022

After each trip to the forest for mushrooms, the baskets are half empty. Why was the year lean?

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— Guilty hot and dry summers with extremely high temperatures and little rain, — explains Chief Researcher of All-Russian Research Institute of Vegetable Growing — branch of the Federal State Budget Scientific Institution of the Federal Scientific and Practical Center for Education, Dr. s.-x. Sciences Natalia Devochkina. — The formation of the rudiments of the fruiting bodies of mushrooms occurs only when the soil is moist, and the air temperature is not  above +15°C.

It is interesting that scientists have proven that mycelium mushrooms have the ability to collect information about  state of the environment. This means that they will not bear fruit in an unfavorable year, endangering their lives, exhausting themselves to the limit. This summer, the mycelium had to survive in austerity mode, minimally consume precious moisture reserves, so the harvest turned out to be poor.

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