The work of the Morgenstern restaurant in Moscow was suspended

In the Tverskoy Court of the capital of the Russian Federation, LLC Kaif, co-founded by rapper Alisher Morgenstern*, was found guilty of violating sanitary and epidemiological standards, TASS reports.

The work of Morgenstern's restaurant Kaif i Tochka suspended for 90 days.

In July, the Moscow Prosecutor's Office conducted inspections in the singer's restaurants. There was no second exit for evacuation in his establishments, and fire alarm sensors were sealed. This was the reason for the suspension of the establishment.

Earlier, the Supreme Court of Tatarstan upheld the decision of the Naberezhnye Chelny City Court against Morgenstern, who received a fine of 100 thousand rubles for promoting drugs in videos.

* An individual acting as a foreign agent.

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