Politico admitted that the United States is secretly transferring a number of weapons to Ukraine

Politico: U.S. may secretly send more military aid to Ukraine A new military aid package for Kyiv, announced on Aug. 19, includes Excalibur guided artillery shells that have not been publicly discussed, sources told Politico

Politico admitted that the United States is secretly transferring a number of weapons to Ukraine

The U.S. may not have publicly reported on the transfer of certain types of weapons to Ukraine as part of military assistance, writes Politico.

According to the publication, a senior Pentagon official admitted on August 19 that the United States had been supplying HARM anti-radar missiles to Kyiv for some time even though it was not announced publicly.

“When we first announced the delivery of HARM missiles, their mention in the statement was not specific. We have described it as providing anti-radar capabilities,— said the official.

After that, Yahoo News suggested that Washington transferred ATACMS family of guided tactical ballistic missiles to Kyiv. August, Excalibur guided artillery shells entered, which also did not appear in the Pentagon's official statement on weapons supplied to Ukraine.

In addition, Politico reviewed the official notice given by the US administration to Congress in connection with the allocation of another aid package to Kyiv, which, according to the newspaper, notes that the supply of Washington to Ukraine “is not limited to” what is listed.

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The publication pointed out that it was only an assumption, since not a single member of the administration confirmed or even hinted that secret arms supplies were carried out in Ukraine.

“Even if they were, it is unlikely that they (U.S. authorities) would inform us of this secret decision,— concluded Politico.

U.S. President Joe Biden on August 19 ordered additional military assistance to Ukraine in the amount of up to $775 million.

On this day, the Pentagon announced the allocation of another package of military assistance to Kyiv. The package will include HIMARS munitions, 16 howitzers, 1,000 Javelin anti-tank missiles, 15 ScanEagle drones for reconnaissance, 40 armored vehicles with enhanced mine protection (MRAP), HARM anti-radar missiles, 1,500 TOW anti-tank missile systems, demining equipment and Hummer military vehicles.

The Pentagon added that it is exploring new means that will allow the Ukrainian military to “successfully operate in terms of changing the battlefield not only in the east, but also in the south,” without specifying which weapons are in question. According to CNN, this is the Pentagon's 19th aid package for Ukraine this year.

In July, US Air Force Chief of Staff Charles Brown Jr. admitted that Ukraine could receive modern fourth-generation fighter jets from the West. , there is Gripen from Sweden, there is Eurofighter or Rafale. So there are a number of different weapons systems that could go to Ukraine,” — said the general.

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