Romania was recognized as the most vulnerable spot of NATO on the eastern borders of the bloc

Western analysts called Romania's Black Sea coast NATO's weakest point. Bloomberg writes about this.

Strengthening the borders on the eastern border of the North Atlantic Alliance, as noted in the publication, is now one of the main priorities for containing Russia.

According to analysts, the Black Sea serves for the Russian Federation, a gateway to the Mediterranean and is an important point for “projecting influence on the countries of the Middle East and Africa.”

“Moscow gives priority to South-Eastern Europe,” said analyst Matthew Orr. This, in his opinion, shows how “the Russians are concerned about this region and want to have a strong military presence there.”

Because of this, NATO is forced, according to Orr, to respond accordingly.

Bloomberg emphasizes that just a few weeks after the start of Russia's NMD in Ukraine, at a summit in Brussels, the alliance agreed to create four new battlegroups for Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria and Slovakia. And this is in addition to the previous four already deployed in Poland and the Baltic countries.

Romania, as reported in the material, even before the start of the JMD hosted about a thousand soldiers, mostly NATO troops. But after February 24, the Allies in the North Atlantic Alliance significantly increased their presence, deploying more troops, aircraft and ships in the specified Eastern European borders.


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