China calls US delegation’s visit to Taiwan ‘dangerous move’

Beijing urges Washington to stop interfering in the country's internal affairs and adhere to the “one China” policy, Liu Xiaoming, special representative of the Chinese government for the Korean Peninsula, wrote on Twitter.

This is how the diplomat commented on the next trip of US congressmen to Taiwan. As reported by Reuters, five members of Congress visited the island, who will stay there until August 15.

“This is a very dangerous move, which is like playing with fire. And those who play with fire will die from it. We urge the countries concerned to adhere to the “One China” policy, properly handle issues related to Taiwan, and stop interfering in Beijing's internal affairs,— said Liu Xiaoming.

Anyone who tries to prevent China's reunification will face “a great wall of steel forged by the hands of over 1.4 billion citizens,” he said.

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