The Coordinating Center allowed two more ships with grain to leave Ukraine

The Joint Coordinating Center permitted the departure on August 9 of two ships with food from the Ukrainian Chernomorsk. It is reported by “RIA Novosti” with reference to a UN statement.

“The Joint Coordinating Center today authorized the exit of two vessels through the maritime humanitarian corridor as part of the Black Sea Grain Initiative”,— the statement says.

We are talking about two ships: MV OCEAN LION (will leave the port of Chornomorsk with a cargo of 64,720 tons of corn) is heading to Incheon , Republic of Korea and MV RAHMI YAGCI (will leave the port of Chernomorsk with a cargo of 5300 tons of sunflower oil)— destination Istanbul. In total, the cargo will consist of 70200 tons.

Russia signed an agreement on the export of grain from Ukraine through the Black Sea with Turkey through the mediation of the UN on July 22 in Istanbul. Ukraine has signed a similar agreement separately from Russia.

In accordance with the documents, the parties undertook to create a safe corridor across the Black Sea, along which ships with grain should be escorted by Ukrainian pilots. The military will not accompany the deliveries. Representatives of Ukraine, Turkey and the UN will act as observers and will monitor the loading. Vessels will be inspected to ensure that weapons are not carried on them.

The first ship with grain left the Ukrainian port on August 3rd. They became the cargo ship azoni under the flag of Sierra Leone. Three more bulk carriers— Navistar, Rojen and Polarnet— left the Ukrainian ports on the morning of August 5.

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On August 7, four more ships left Ukrainian ports: dry cargo ships Mustafa Necati, Star Helena, Glory and Riva Mind. Mustafa Necati with sunflower oil is heading to Italy, Star Helena with sunflower seedlings— To China. Glory, which transports corn, is heading to Istanbul, and Riva Mind, carrying corn— in Iskenderun.

On the eve of the Russian Ministry of Defense announced that a total of 16 foreign bulk carriers and tankers left Ukraine. According to the agency, another 61 ships from 14 countries remain blocked.

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