Political scientist from Germany spoke about the termination of US world leadership

“America does not rule”

Despite the fact that in early June the US and the EU discussed a possible truce within the conflict without Ukraine, Washington representatives later stated that they did not intend to negotiate with Moscow to resolve the conflict without the participation of Kyiv. Political scientist from Germany Vladimir Sergienko is convinced that this indicates the end of the world leadership of the United States.

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In an interview with Sputnik radio, the expert agreed that Kyiv's allies could not agree on the current situation without Ukraine. According to Sergienko, Russia, in turn, is able to negotiate with anyone, both without Ukraine and without the United States. For example, as the expert noted, if the Russian Federation wants to, it will negotiate with Ukraine without America, and maybe even negotiate with the United States without Ukraine.

The political scientist gave an example that Russia had just reached agreements on food exports, in the discussion which were attended by Turkey, Ukraine, Russia and the UN. Sergienko wondered where the United States is and where the European Union is, stating that “there are none at all.”

The specialist admits that sometimes it seems to him that the United States understands that their world leadership has ended, their “ replaced” and now it has become possible to resolve issues without them. Thus, according to Sergienko, when the Americans say that they will not resolve the issue without Ukraine, there is a feeling that someone suggested that they do so. The political scientist emphasized that no one made such proposals to the United States, and they declare this for third countries that are used to the fact that “America rules”, although in fact it no longer “steers”.

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