The Russian Embassy said about the “inflamed imagination” in the United States

U.S. politicians lose touch with reality when they call Russia a rogue state, the Russian embassy in the United States said. The comment was published on Telegram.

“Attempts to present our country as isolated are caused by the inflamed imagination of American figures who are increasingly losing touch with reality,”— said in the message.

The diplomatic mission called statements about the isolation of Russia “indiscriminate”; and noted that the Russian leadership is “actively involved in international affairs.”

Earlier, US State Department spokesman Ned Price said that Russia has become a pariah in the international arena and its authorities understand the degree of isolation . He also pointed out that during the G20 Foreign Ministers Summit in mid-July, the ministers demonstrated a consensus on the need to condemn Russia for its actions in Ukraine and provoking a food crisis in the world.

In response to a journalist's remark about the visits of Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov to Africa, and President Vladimir Putin to Iran, Price said the US had little concern for the location of Russian representatives. According to him, more importantly, Russia heard from the G20 countries and the UN a signal about the losses that its leadership incurs due to hostilities in Ukraine.

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