Express: Gazprom’s new statement caused panic in Europe

Siemens sees no connection between turbine maintenance and gas supplies.

Holding “Gazprom” announced that he was forced to suspend the operation of one of his turbines, namely – Siemens engine at station “Portovaya”. In this regard, pumping fuel through the gas pipeline “Nord Stream” will be reduced to 33 million cubic meters. m per day (20%) already on July 27.

The current supply volume is 67 million cubic meters. meters, and the reason for its decline, according to TASS with reference to the statement & # 8220; Gazprom & # 8221; , was the end of the time between overhauls before overhaul.

As a result, the company's statement led to an increase of 4.2% in fuel prices in Europe – such data was provided by the London Stock Exchange ICE.

A month ago, the Russian supplier announced the suspension of supplies via “Nord Stream” by 40%, explaining this by the fact that the Canadian division of the German Siemens, which repaired its units, did not return them to “Gazprom”, citing anti-Russian sanctions.

The decision was later changed and announced delivery of the German engine. The media reported that in Europe they were afraid of stopping fuel supplies via “SP” when the repair was completed.

Siemens itself explained that they were ready to extend the maintenance and increase its volume if the company was submitted request.

At the moment, according to the British Express, Europe fell into a panic after learning about the halving of the flow. Thus, gas quotes rose, reaching $1,880.

According to columnist Jacob Paul, what is happening with the supply has led to an emergency meeting in Brussels of the heads of energy ministries. The meeting will discuss the EU's plan to save gas, which the European Commission had previously feared.

Siemens said they see no relationship between supply cuts and repairs.

In a conversation with RIA Novosti, a representative of the company said that the turbine, the repair of which in Canada has already been completed, can be delivered to Russia “immediately”. For this “Gazprom” must submit customs documents for importation. Canada also announced its readiness to withdraw from the sanctions restriction the engines that Siemens Energy maintains in Montreal.

The company explained that the maintenance of turbines – a routine procedure and “any future maintenance work can be provided”, and the government of the country allowed them to be exported from Siemens Energy to Germany”.

Regarding the “stumbling turbine&# 8221;, then Germany handed over all documents for export to Russia last week.

The representative of the company said that the Russian company is aware of this, and only “Gazprom” can prepare customs documents as a client and continue the process of importing the engine to Russia.

Earlier, Topnews wrote that “Gazprom” fell by a quarter after the announcement of the refusal to pay dividends.

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