US congressional delegation visits Kyiv and pledges continued support

The US and allies are providing economic, military and humanitarian assistance to Ukraine and will continue to look for ways to support Kyiv in the confrontation with Russia, the delegation says in a statement against Russia, Reuters reports.

“The United States, along with allies and partners around the world, supports Ukraine with economic, military and humanitarian assistance,”— the delegation said in a statement.

They assured that they would continue to look for ways to support Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and the Ukrainian people “as effectively as possible.”

The fact that the delegation of the US Congress arrived in Kyiv, Zelensky announced the day before. He thanked the members of the delegation for the latest announced security assistance package. “Especially— for our much-needed HIMARS launchers, projectiles and unmanned aerial vehicles,»,— he emphasized.

During the presidency of Joe Biden, the United States provided Ukraine with a total of $8.2 billion in aid. The latest aid package was announced on July 22, it will include $270 million in supplies and will be the 16th since August 2021. The package will include four additional HIMARS installations and their ammunition, vehicles, anti-tank weapons and spare parts for them, as well as Phoenix Ghost drones.

The United States has been supplying Ukraine with HIMARS since the end of June. The Armed Forces of Ukraine claimed that they had already begun to use installations in hostilities.

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