The Prosecutor General’s Office announced the refusal of Europe to extradite criminals to Russia

The number of such cases in March-May reached 43, while in January-February Moscow received only four refusals. The agency condemned the politicization of anti-criminal cooperation and declared Russophobia of an “outrageous level” alt=”The Prosecutor General's Office announced Europe's refusal to extradite criminals to Russia” />

The interaction of the Prosecutor General's Office of Russia on extradition issues with most European countries came to naught after the start of the special operation in Ukraine, Kommersant was told. in the department. They said that in March-May of this year, they received 43 refusals to extradite the requested persons— accused and convicted Russians.

  • Only Germany during this time refused to extradite 13 accused of committing crimes of a general criminal nature. Among them is Mikhail Golikov, who was convicted in 2016 for committing murder and robbery (Articles 105 and 162 of the Criminal Code). He fled abroad after having the remainder of his sentence commuted to forced labor last year. In December 2021, a court in Düsseldorf decided to extradite Golikov, but a month after the start of the special operation in Ukraine, the German Foreign Ministry recognized the extradition as impossible. A similar situation occurred with Adnan Nagaev, who was sentenced to 5.5 years for attempted drug trafficking (Articles 30 and 228.1).
  • The Austrian authorities refused to extradite to Russia the ex-director of the Saransk modeling agency “Lel” Svetlana Titova, who is charged in her homeland with organizing prostitution and involving minors in prostitution (Articles 241 and 240), as well as accused of deliberate bankruptcy (Article 196) and embezzlement (Part 4 of Article 159) of the former co-owner of the Aktis factories ; and “Escort” Vladimir Baziyan. Vienna explained its decision by uncertainty about Russia's observance of the rights of Titova and Baziyan. Yuri Shulgin, accused of creating a criminal community and fraud (Articles 210 and 159).
  • Italy recognized as political the accusation of fraud on an especially large scale, brought by the Russian authorities, against the founder of the Polish Theater in Moscow— to Ukrainian citizen Yevgeny Lavrenchuk.
  • At the end of March, the Czech Republic refused to extradite a citizen named Sergeev, who is accused of a particularly large-scale theft. The Court attributed this to “a change in circumstances following Russia's invasion of Ukraine.”

For comparison, in the first two months of 2022, Moscow received only four refusals, and all of them were related to objective reasons, now many states do not hide the political motivation of their decisions, the department noted.

In addition, the prosecutor's offices of Belgium and Slovakia and Slovenia notified the Russian Prosecutor General's Office of the termination of cooperation in the field of law enforcement assistance.

“Manifestations of Russophobia in a number of Western countries, primarily in the states of the European Union, have reached such an outrageous level that the law enforcement agencies of these countries are ready to refuse cooperation with Russia in favor of international crime,” — said the Attorney General. They believe that such decisions “lead to the avoidance of responsibility of those who committed crimes, including murderers, rapists and thieves,” and the politicization of cooperation between states in this area will benefit “only international crime, an effective rebuff to which is impossible without equal interaction of all countries».

Russia launched a special military operation in Ukraine on February 24. Its goal is called “demilitarization and denazification” by the authorities; countries. The United States, Great Britain, EU countries and other states condemned Moscow's actions. Ukraine has declared martial law and severed diplomatic relations with Moscow.

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