The Security Council accused the United States of “nurturing the new hyena of Europe” in the face of Poland

The Russian Security Council remembered the words of Churchill, who, speaking about the events before the Second World War, compared Poland with a hyena. Warsaw called the accusations of plans to seize the west of Ukraine against the backdrop of a Russian special operation false alt=”The Security Council accused the United States of “cultivating the new hyena of Europe” represented by Poland” />

The United States is pushing Poland to directly participate in the conflict in Ukraine, in fact “cultivating the new hyena of Europe”, said the Deputy Secretary Russian Security Council Alexander Venediktov in an interview with RIA Novosti.

“[The United States] nods approvingly in response to Warsaw’s absurd fantasies of a new Commonwealth, turns a blind eye to the inhumane and racist statements of the Polish elite, and in every way encourages the growth of nationalist and chauvinist sentiments there. In fact, they are nurturing the new hyena of Europe,»,— said Venediktov.

He recalled that this comparison belongs to the former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, who spoke about the behavior of Poland before the Second World War.

“Britain, leading France , offers to guarantee the integrity of Poland— that same Poland, which, with the appetite of a hyena, only six months ago joined in the plunder and destruction of the Czechoslovak state, — the prime minister wrote about the events of 1939 (quote from LIFE magazine).

The Russian authorities have repeatedly accused Poland of intending to seize the western part of Ukraine. In March, after Warsaw advocated bringing NATO peacekeepers into the country, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov admitted that it might aim to set up a headquarters in Lvov and “stay there.” And in April, the head of the Foreign Intelligence Service, Sergei Naryshkin, said that intelligence had received information about the preparation by the United States and Poland of a plan to establish control over its “historical possessions.” in Ukraine.

According to presidential aide Vladimir Medinsky, all the aspirations of Warsaw indicate that she wants to return “to the Commonwealth.” She denied such allegations. “The lie about Poland's alleged plans to attack Western Ukraine has been repeated for several years,” — said Stanislav Zharin, spokesman for the coordinating minister of the Polish special services.

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As they said in Poland, she supports Ukraine in order to prevent the Kremlin from achieving its goal of “restoring the empire.” Russia was also accused of this desire in the United States, to which Russian President Vladimir Putin stressed that he did not intend to restore the country within the borders of the Russian Empire, and all statements on this subject were nothing more than speculation and did not correspond to reality.

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