NBC reported a shortage of recruits in the US armed forces

The number of eligible Americans aged 17-24 has dwindled, and even fewer young people would like to serve in the military. The Pentagon considers candidates unfit for military service and discusses its promotion in TikTok ” alt=”NBC reported a shortage of recruits in the US military” />

There is a shortage of recruits in all branches of the US military, according to NBC, citing defense sources.

One reason is the unfitness of many people between the ages of 17 and 24 due to obesity, drug addiction and criminal convictions. As Army Chief of Staff James McConville said in May, only 23% of young people are fit for service (up from 29% in previous years).

At the same time, as evidenced by the results of a Pentagon survey that were at the disposal of NBC, only 9% of those fit for military service are considering the possibility of entering it. This is the lowest figure since 2007. About 57 survey participants suggested that after military service they would face emotional or psychological problems, almost half admitted physical health problems.

As the channel notes, the family has the strongest influence on the attitude of young people to military service. The latest survey showed that only 13% of respondents had parents who served in the Armed Forces (while in 1995 40% of respondents reported military parents). Now middle-class Americans are more likely to advise kids to go to college rather than decide on a future career right after high school.

The level of American confidence in the armed forces has also decreased —according to the Presidential Foundation and the Ronald Reagan Institute, to 45% (25% lower than in 2018).

“Recruit Crisis” it's a ticking time bomb. The composition of the armed forces was reduced, the population became less aware of people in uniform, and the situation worsened. And the coronavirus aggravated it even more, — said one of the employees of the sphere.

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Currently, recruitment for the current fiscal year (ending late September) is only 40% closed. NBC notes that recruiting is especially active during the summer, when potential candidates are graduating from school.

Sources of the channel said that against the backdrop of the crisis, the Pentagon is considering 250 candidates unfit for service citizens. One of the interlocutors said that the authorities are discussing the use of TikTok to attract recruits.

The US military is formed entirely on a contract basis. Service life is from two to six years.

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