Peskov sharply appreciated the receipt by Ukraine and Moldova of EU candidacy

“The more they show themselves to be anti-Russian, the more Europe will like it”

Dmitry Peskov commented on Ukraine and Moldova getting the status of a candidate for EU membership.

Photo: Global Look Press

According to him, these are “internal European affairs”, it is important for Russia that these decisions “do not bring more problems” and “did not lead to the deterioration of our relations with the EU”, which are “already very complex and there is nothing to spoil there”.

Peskov said that everything is clear with the behavior of Ukraine on this track. As for Moldova, in his opinion, she “wants to become a European more than the Europeans themselves” and “goes out of her way.”

For some reason, the Moldovan authorities associate the European status with “anti-Russian”: the more they show themselves in this, the more they will like the EU, continued Peskov. “We wouldn't want that to happen,” he said.

Peskov recalled that when he came to work at the Russian Embassy in Turkey 20 years ago, Turkey had just become a candidate for EU membership. “She also nurtured hope and was ready to give up a lot in order to get out of the gray zone and become an organic part of the EU at the junction of Europe and Asia. But we see that Turkey has not moved further than this candidacy,” the Kremlin speaker recalled. At the same time, he stressed that at the same time, Turkey “became a sovereign independent country.”

“So there are possible nuances here,” Peskov concluded.


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