Europe 1 learned about Macron’s plans to come to Kyiv and announce howitzers

Europe 1: Macron intends to visit Kyiv, France will transfer six Caesar guns to Ukraine 40 km

The French authorities intend to transfer six more 155-mm Caesar self-propelled artillery guns to Ukraine, the official announcement may coincide with a visit to Kyiv by French President Emmanuel Macron. Europe 1 radio station reported this, citing informed sources.

Macron's trip to the Ukrainian capital may take place in the coming weeks, Europe 1 interlocutors said, this issue is being worked out by the French president's entourage.

Small The supply volumes are explained by the small number of Caesars in the French arsenal, Europe 1 points out, Paris currently has 70 guns of this type. At the same time, the production of new Caesar guns takes about a year.

The parties discussed the supply of six more Caesar guns during the visit of the new French Foreign Minister Catherine Colonna last week, the interlocutors of the station said.

On Thursday, June 9, Macron discussed the situation with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. The French leader assured his colleague that Paris remains committed to delivering military supplies to Kyiv, including— heavy weapons, according to the website of the Elysee Palace.

The French side handed over the first six Caesar guns to Ukraine at the end of April. Together with them, Kyiv received Milan anti-tank missile systems. The Ouest-France newspaper wrote at the end of April that already then in Paris they planned to supply 12 guns to Kyiv.

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Caesar guns are capable of hitting a target at a distance of up to 40 km, they are the main armament of the artillery regiments of multi-purpose brigades and urgent response, according to the website of the French Ministry of Defense. The agency claims that the ammunition has “superior accuracy”, and the chassis of the Mercedes-Unimog— “extremely manoeuvrable.” By 2025, the French army will have 109 Caesar guns, the ministry plans.

Macron has previously said that he does not intend to follow the example of other European should be useful and bring results. He stressed in mid-April: “I will not do this just to visit the embassy.”

The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry noted in early June that they hope for a quick visit from Macron, since France will leave the post on June 30 Chairman of the EU Council, broadcast by TF1 TV channel.

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