The Foreign Ministry announced the deterioration of the security situation of the embassy in London

The Russian Embassy in London

Great Britain violated international legal obligations and turned off the panic button for the Russian ambassador in London, according to the report of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs on violations of the rights of compatriots abroad.

The ministry also indicated that the building of the consular department of the embassy was attacked: “activists” they threw eggs at him, broke the windows of the hall where citizens were received.

Diplomats also noted that, contrary to the international legal obligations of Great Britain, Russian diplomats were subjected to restrictions on the right to work, fair and favorable working conditions in the country. In addition, representatives of the Russian diplomatic mission were restricted in access to any type of service, including the right to personal security and state protection.

“In particular, we are talking about restricting access to the embassy’s bank account, the official BMW dealer’s refusal to service the embassy’s fleet, turning off the so-called “panic button” in the buildings and residence of the Russian Ambassador to the UK, as well as in a country residence, about penetration into the territory of a country residence and damage to property, & mdash; said in the document.

In mid-April, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that “virtually terrorist acts” had been carried out against Russian institutions abroad. Lavrov added that not only diplomats are being threatened: Russian citizens, he said, are regularly attacked. He recommended that employees of diplomatic departments abroad “not go alone.”

Russian Ambassador to the United States Anatoly Antonov also previously said that the Russian embassy in Washington operates in a “hostile environment”; and threats of physical violence against its employees. “American intelligence officials flit around the Russian embassy, ​​handing out FBI and CIA phones that you can call to establish cooperation,” — the ambassador said. He clarified that politicians publish in the American media calls for embassy staff and the military to “come over to the side of so-called democracy.”

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