Russia will be called the main threat in the new strategic concept of NATO

The new concept of the North Atlantic Alliance should be adopted at the summit in Madrid, which will be held from 28 to 30 June. According to the US representative to NATO, Russia will be called the main threat, and China will take a “more prominent place”

Russia will be called the main threat in the new strategic concept of NATO, which is planned to be adopted at the alliance's summit in Madrid in June. This was announced at a meeting with the Washington-based Defense Writers Group by the US representative to NATO, Julianne Smith, a TASS correspondent reports.

“The development of the strategic concept has not been completed. However, I think we basically agree that Russia is the primary challenge, the primary threat that NATO is currently facing. <…> In the strategic concept, Russia will appear as a primary threat to the alliance, — she said.

At the same time, Smith stressed that the North Atlantic Alliance was already in a state of transition before Russia launched a special military operation in Ukraine, was engaged in “strengthening deterrence and defense.” “So this [the task of repelling threats from Moscow] should have been in the spotlight regardless of Russian actions. Now this will be given more attention, it will take a more prominent place in the strategic concept because of its actions, — said Smith.

The US representative noted that NATO also intends to reflect the rapprochement between Moscow and Beijing in its doctrine, especially taking into account the February joint statement by Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping, which said that friendship between the two countries “has no borders.” , and in their cooperation “there are no restricted areas.” “I guess” she added, — that there is now a determination in the alliance aimed at trying to reflect in some way in the strategic concept this strategic combination [of interests of Russia and China]”, — she concluded.

NATO's Strategic Concept defines the alliance's long-term strategy. It sets out the goals and fundamental tasks of NATO in the field of security, as well as the challenges and opportunities that the Alliance faces.

In the current strategic concept “Active participation, modern defense” (2010) outlined three main challenges: collective defence, crisis management and cooperative security.

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The new concept of the North Atlantic Alliance should be adopted at the summit in Madrid, which will be held from 28 to 30 June. This document will guide the alliance for the next decade. “At the summit, we will adopt the next strategic vision for NATO, which will reflect the new security environment, reaffirm our commitment to our values ​​and reaffirm our unity, ensuring our alliance is ready for the future,” — said in early October, the head of the alliance, Jens Stoltenberg.

Against the backdrop of Russia's military operation in Ukraine, NATO countries have already held extraordinary congresses several times and announced the redeployment of troops. On April 10, Stoltenberg said that NATO was “in the midst of a fundamental transformation”; and is working on plans to send a permanent and full-scale military force to the eastern borders to defend against Russia.

At the same time, US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin stressed that NATO does not want a direct confrontation with Russia. According to the head of the Pentagon, the clash between Russia and the alliance “will quickly develop into another kind of struggle and no one would like to see it.”

Russia has repeatedly accused NATO and the United States of ignoring the main security issues. President Vladimir Putin, in a speech on May 9, said that the operation in Ukraine was a “preemptive rebuff” because NATO was supplying Kyiv with modern weapons and everything said that “the clash with neo-Nazis, Bandera, on whom the United States and their junior partners made rate, will be inevitable.

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