Sean Slick – Note To Self Lyrics

At 14
I had a dream
To make Gs
With words I speak
And if that meant
To decease beats
My murder charge
Would be complete
See being young
Man had plans
To stack grands
And fly to France
Have many lands
On sea and sand
And many fans
To see me stand
On stages
With races
Of people
Just racing
And saying
He famous
But my aim
Wasn’t based
Been watched
With them cameras
Or photo shoots
On calendars
Just tours please
Pretty ladies
Living happily
Ever after
I’m willing
Take chances
On this trap shit
, make hits with these rackets
More commas in them brackets
Take step backs
Through setbacks
Could leave me
Kinda stranded
With thoughts of
Living lavish
In a kingdom
Or a palace
More times
I m
Just grinding
Slicks firing
New rhymes in
About buying
The finest
Two islands
With assets

In Africa
Or bank accounts
In Sweden
I’m feeling
This season
To start
A new team in
Trend setters
Stack cheddar
Stick together
Born better
No pressure
The dynasty
Reigns forever
Mindset says probably
Take chances
Like the lottery
Ain’t stagnant
Or nonchalant
Work rate
Is done properly
Stay righteous
When I write this
f*cking tyrants
So gas talk is just statements
To be ya highness
Not Buckingham
But I’m upperclass
If she’s bucking me, Then
‘I m touching arse
With my thoughtspan with learnt rhymes
I I’m either cruising
Or running Past
Die enormous
Or live dormant
Word to Jigga
That’s how we on it
Better inform them
Or we ignore em
,time wasting is not important
See me fam
I gotta rep the place
That’s SE to the 28
Like QueensBridge to Nasir
That’s SouthEast to Sean here

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