Earl Sweatshirt – OD Lyrics

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Give it up, we—

Somebody tooted in the student commons
The bell rang, he went home then argued in the comments
I watched the doppler move
I watched a child get introduced to violence
I beat you to the point, my noose is golden
True and livin’, lonesome, pugilistic moments, riveting
Come get to know me at my innermost
My family business anguished, now I need atonement
I set the goals, half my wings is broken
I spread the other for my brodie OD
Tiptoeing too much love, my sister showed in a rut
We getting over sinning up
Living in the moment, you been corrupt
Have some ginabut
Since a jit I figured what’s the use in giving up
I can’t give enough, shilajit in my sippy cup
Healing cuts, but real-really
I’m refilling the pump, no concealing it
Enemy up in arms bearing snubs
They just freakin’ see the cub
My memory really leaking blood, it’s congealing, stuck
Pieces in slums, one, peaking in the dust, weaving
I remember woods
I remember endo when he wasn’t remembering much
I remember love healing the ruptures
Feeling rushed, grew up quick
Trip around the sun, this my 25th, give it up
Gin and rum
We wasn’t supposed to be alive, no funny shit

Yeah, yeah, yeah
Give it up

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