Tee Grizzley – God First Lyrics

Half a million on my neck, that’s here nor there (aha)
Niggas that been rappin’ look at me like that shit unfair (oof)
Let that envy turn to action, boy I wouldn’t dare (I dare you)
We ain’t aiming at your legs, we gon’ hit upstairs (oof)
You ain’t tryna get no money, man this shit a mess (boy)
Seem like all these niggas care about is gettin’ fresh
Bed on the jet, we ain’t gotta lay no seat back
Nigga beat my ass, pop him, I don’t want no rematch, no cap (brrrt)
Brodie, bring me a magnum, them niggas straight pussy (niggas huh)
Gold Louis’ on my feet, look like K bullets (brrrt)
Lil’ niggas better watch what y’all say to me
I’ll put them apes on niggas heads like some Bape hoodies (they gon’ get it)
I’m that same street nigga that used to swap hands
I ain’t a better person, bitch I still want my opps dead (I do)
And I ain’t gon’ lie, I hit some bitches that was not lit (they wasn’t)
If she a 6 and she was thick, she probably got hit (it be like that)
Niggas say they run the city, got it fucked up (fucked up)
Nigga, sit your ass down, shut the fuck up (shut the fuck up)
Go get your respect up, I’m ballin’, tell them check up
You don’t know how a M look, I’ll shoot you from your neck up
We in back to back 488’s, them all coupes (Ferraris)
Gave my young nigga a brick, told him that’s all you (get rich)
We can’t all rap, y’all gotta ball too (go get it)
You know this fresh up out the trap if ain’t all blues
I’m a young nigga from the slums in a Bentayga (Bent)
Under 26, richer than the city Mayor (oof)
Niggas want a plate but ain’t wanna help set the table (aw)
All these acres, nigga I ain’t nowhere near the neighbors
And I ain’t had no big features, or no big favors (I didn’t)
And if I did they ain’t post it, look at how they played us (They did it)
I can see it in they face, them niggas feel threatened (fuck)
Since God first and family third, you know that money second (you know that)
In interviews, they like “Tee, why your name Grizzley?” (why)
I ain’t give myself that title, I got that in prison (peace)
I was overly aggressive, I was easily offended
When I ran up on niggas, they left the scene barely living (raa)
Niggas say I fell off, I got some back ends say different
Could of bought a Ferrari how much I spent just on Amiri
Only human that scare me is that nigga in the mirror
He so tall and hairy but still could fuck the bitch you married nigga
Only thoroughbred niggas next to me (next to me)
Shout out to them niggas sleeping on me, rest in peace (rest in peace)
Man down, I ain’t send no shooter, that was me (that was me)
Most underrated, just give it time, they gon’ see
I’m puttin’ God first, cause he came to my rescue
I put my family third, you know that money second
Because when I was broke, without no money, stressin’
Nobody felt that shit but me, nigga I made it happen
I’m puttin’ God first, cause he came to the rescue
I put my family third, I put that money second
Cause back when I was broke, without no money, stressin’
Nobody felt that shit but me, nigga I made it happen

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