Ace Hood – Practice Lyrics

Living in glory, living notorious
Eat a little fish, a little chicken, go gym, nigga living like warrior
Feeling like Morpheus, I gotta make a nigga forfeit his
That’s, very unfortunate, I take a beat and make a feast of it
I’m unleashed and shit, reminiscing while the reefer lit
You see what happen when you recommit?
Nigga, picture this, mind, body, and the soul divine, got everything that you need inside you
Gotta ease your pride, got keys, I can lead the blind
You won’t believe how I beat the odds, do you believe in God?
Bang, bang, niggas thieving lives
I had a dream we would all combine, you gotta cross the line
Be free from the fear inside, set bounds when you cut off sides, that niggas out his mind
He done jumped in the gym though, boy cut like Freddy Krue’, slice like Kimbo
I’m a lamp in the Benzo, fish tanks on the window, fuck nigga, Frito
I’ma get ’em cause I know I got ’em, I’m in the Jeep with the two-eight bottoms, I’m getting UK dollars
Riding ’round with some spiritual shottas and we’ll lift somebody spirit up out it, ain’t really worried about it
Working more and saying less, easy as the alphabet
I’m like, aye, Ace is amazing, save me a spot at the top with the greatest
Actually active with accurate aiming, I’m happy, elated, I’m blessed and I’m favored, be all you can be
Before the beast, gotta unleash, never retreat
Gotta believe, fly to Belize, me and the Queen, privacy please
You gotta see, see for the ceiling, [?] look way more appealing
Pushing my limits, in love with the feeling, count up a million and slice a percentage, I’m paying myself
E for the effort, fuck with me never, I’m way too clever
Foot on the pedal, feel like Mandela, clean as Consuela, smooth as vanilla
F is feather, flourish together, nourish the weather, people get jealous, keep up, repel it, fuck what you selling, shit is pathetic, we gon’ address it, G as in goat
We are on go, hop in the Ghost, I’m with my woe, we rockin’ Presi’s like we bout to vote
This was a dream we envisioned before, used to be broke
H is for healing, I as in illest, J as in jealous, K as kinetic
Killing them, baby, L is for Legend, live in the present
Learn all the lessons, lean on your leverage
M as in money, march with them blessings
N is for nigga, we [?], we super special, we like a legend
O is for olo, pull up to Soho, sometimes you just gotta stunt a on doh doh
P is for practice, who’s up for some static?
Q as in quality, that’s automatic
R is for realer, S is for shivers, losing my nigga, man I remember
T as in triumph, U as in unit, V as in viewing, fuck is we doing?
I got that W, all of my pieces exceptional, you wonder why I’m ahead of you, Z is for zilla, knew you would feel it
This is the Purge, knew I would kill it


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