Migos – Intro Lyrics

[Intro: Takeoff]
My weed from Jamaica, my money older than Sega
Bust it open, then wait up, tell m, work out, then re-up

[Hook: Takeoff]
My diamonds sparkling, I be like the sargent
Pull up in the Astin Martin, leave in a Burperry carpet
Migo the label, but no no playing with paper
My shirt tiger striped, my shoes aligater
With the plug, never see it
Wip them chickens and pidgens, cokina and midgets, touch it, I flip it

[Verse 1: Takeoff]
I remembered in school, teacher talkin bout history
I was tryna make history, up in that house in Beverly
I just called my jeweller, tell him bring me my rolly
In that muscle car, 12 pull me over for flexin

[Verse 2: Quavo]
I got sweet and sour chicken, lemon, go get me some beef
I got soldiers in the streets, I’m commander and chief
When the Js hit the dope, I bet those nose bleed
I got a plug from Mixico, and one plug that’s chinese
Bad bitch on my team, do whatever I please
Thick thais, brown eyes, she finesse you with eze
Think the jeweller got me sick, a chew, I sneez
Someone get me a key, I’ll just rest in peace
Last nigga try to jump, left him deceased
Then we dumped him in the river, body still won’t be seen

[Verse 3: Offset]
I’m a cool individual, selling dope, that’s my principle
Young like the siminals, baking soda a chemical
I done made it out vakent, had to lie on David
Keep the pistol like Peet, and keep the knife like I’m Jason
I ain’t Gigga for nothing, tell m fishing for money
Gotta bumblebee building, me and my crew, that’s some hundreds
Took the truck to Bahamas, pick the plug up from London
I be sellin so many fishes, call me Offset Benny Hanna
And the 9 is my ratchet, trappin and stampin on matress
Singing Tony Braxtin, and they all wet like napkins
Biggest bitches, I’m cravin, got that dope, so come taste it
No, my swag is not basic, pull up with a strap, no laces

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