G Herbo – All In Lyrics

Remember I was gang banging
Earning my lil stripes and got my name ranging
Rap got me getting money now my name ringing
Heard my cousin say that he gone let that fame change him
Yeah you right I might go buy 2 just to change ranges
Might run it up and think about you throw some change your way
Can’t go back to my old self I’m tryna change your ways
See my life from both ways
I ain’t been asleep in 4 days
Everybody off molly, cocaine
I prefer to stay in my lane
I know they funding me
They dying to see what go on in my brain
Might have 3 bad bitches with me I’m tryna get some 4 play
Take a pic when I wake up I fell asleep in Dolce
In Mardi Gras I’m having too much I lost the Rollie
Probably having too much too much fun I lost the Rollie
In Mardi Gras I’m having too much fun I lost the Rollie
I smoke 2 zips on canal
Woke up and popped a rozay
Got my bitch with me and she hot to 5th degree
I keep my stick with me it’s not like (?) efficiently
Shoot long range like Fazo
Run up just like Pistol P
I might go out like I’m Roc on the block where I be
I feel like Lil Gage that bitch just might be bigger than me
What happened to that boy still a mystery
Used to ride out with that sword but thats history
Now I’m selling out on tour guess that’s victory
I was born official
Gangster to the fucking gristle
My bitch a gangster
She get mad cause she can’t hold a pistol
I keep a lil shooter with me
Not to mention still got a lil shooter in me
Everywhere I go
Even when I’m on the go
Got a (?) Glock or ruger with me
What’s with me? XD
They gone settle for less
Rage out with the tec
Until they respect me
When it’s five out
Hit him in his face, chest, in the head, in his neck if a nigga test me
Never had bullet proof vests on me pull up on Essex and see
Won’t see my name on no statement
You ain’t tote them pipes get arrested with me
2 am back on the block it’s too hot know you ain’t (?)
Paid to record in new studios niggas ain’t had none invested in me
I met the streets before 21
Imma young OG a blessing to be
Wish I can get everybody but
We know the truth it be messing with me
Just cause I ain’t in the hood no more do that make me less of a G?
Niggas wanna see me up top with the rest of the Gs
And I’m in O’Hare airport LV backpack full of Gs
Or I’m at the (?) jumping off the Japanese
I’m in my black truck
Smoke one and I’m catching Zs
All I hear a bunch of fuck shit got me catching Zs
You rap niggas need to go out to some spelling bees
Killing yourself fucking with that fake promethazine
No it ain’t no clean
I used to drink on hella lean
Don’t let Instagram and fame infiltrate your team
I went home to 50k I was just a teen
If they head ain’t in the game then adjust your team

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