6LACK – Nonchalant Lyrics

What your mouth when you let shit slide
Don’t you know I got way too much pride
Sneak this away on the other side
I turn your fucking way to a tide
I’m so fucking tight, somehow I still find the time
To kill little mourn by my rhymes
To kill little mourn by my pills
Then think a lil’ less about my fears
Then care more about your ears
I give a piece of me to everybody I meet
Not because they wanted is beacuse the prolly in need
Came in woke, but they prolly asleep
And in case, thinking if they make a meal
They’ll be free like me, no
I turn the nightmare right into a dream
I keep my sanity, ’cause I ain’t wanna seen, ya
I know I gotta be a rock like Dwayne
So, I’m tryna be a rock like Dwayne, Carter Rebert
Put that line in reverse, add a little reverb, ya
We work, so my niggas ain’t gonna be on T-Shirts
Watch me get my hands dirty with the rework
Damn, do I even have fans for this shit
To be rapping like these people understanding this shit
Is demanding and shit, but I stand for these kids
Like they stand for the kid, I’ma stand now we [?]
Crack a beer when I’m feelin’ piss
But I ain’t got nobody handle my bag
Even trolly [?]
Ever since my songs went plantinum like cisco
Like I they found a filter like [?], ay
But it’s okay, ’cause
If you down and you need a lil’ help, it’s a way
If you hatin’ and you feelin’ it’s a cure, it’s a ray

I’m somewhere between humble and hell, nah
These niggas drop their second album then fell off
My nonchalant flow will never end right
It’ll be at they necks if it’s in sight
Squeezing until they crack a windpipe
Loosin’ the grip, have a lil’ remorse
You die now I wanna pull up in a Porsche
Word is I’m carrying the torch and I ain’t wanna share
So beware if you reach you get scortch

Ever since I jumped off the porch
I knew that I would grow to be the boy
The boy then grew to be the man
Learned how to kill a hook, Peter Pan
I’m tryna make the end stand out
But I’m so fucking outstanding
I’m so fucking outlanding and the out can’t win
Man’s not hot
I bear on to landslide was, yeah

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