Melvin Horn – BARS lyrics

[Verse 1]
Driving down south just to see these fakers bow back it up with the word and let God take the route… I got power Like the storm here I come I’m that dope, look at summer can you see it I can turn it into snow.

[Verse 2]
I’m a ghost on this beat I can eat and never sleep, I is risen on my stone I don’t need no R.I.P Yo this party going hard he is godly is the star I make it rain on these people dropping angels in the bar.
You retard I’m a beast I spit bars to survive imma make it to the top and tell the world the game is mine. God said, “make it plain I’m dropping bombs on you lames all you do is sip lean and talk about the same thing.” Yo I’m talking to these spirits hell (Referring To The Lake Of Fire), yeah I’m killing demons I’m a tough Christian homie I don’t tolerate no evil. A dog you standing in my ground all dogs bow down you don’t bark you don’t speak you don’t even make a sound.

[Verse 3]
I’m not perfect why you judging just my mind is acting ugly all these rhymes coming in Melvin get em and I love it got his power and his steal bra I love the Lords will got me rapping on this song homie that’s what makes me ill… Drop the money in the sewer I’m a clown in this game, it all float if you touch it Imma feed on your brain…

[Verse 4]
Smoke this weed Melvin peace it’ll knock you off yo feet, Nah I’m Koo Lil dude Imma stay blazing beats. This insidious I like yo I promise I don’t bite when I write I get loose having you shaking in yo boots, heaven said I got the juice yo on God that’s the truth, I’m possessed with this music mama gave it to me too.

[Verse 4]
I was raised from the grave so I’m already saved I can fly to the top and I’ll never ever stop, put my name in yo mouth and I promise we gone box tell yo mama I don’t care she can stand there and watch.

[Verse 5]
Yo, they wanna see me fall they don’t wanna see me ball yeah I’m blessed like a G like a bird lord I’m free.

[Verse 6]
Float like a butter fly and sting like a bee… every rapper got a hater so I guess I got the keys… Oh, these streets I didn’t make it with this power I can take it on the throne with my father homie knocking over Satan yall be patient here he come Jesus Christ is the one. A up the clouds up above Jesus Christ is the son.

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