mishlawi – homies & pythons freestyle lyrics

[Verse 1]
It’s on they mind they better say it to me
They don’t do no talking off of Instagram
If they looking for me it ain’t hard to find me
At the same place that I always am
Couple homies couple pythons
Same homies I relied on
Know that he was shining ‘til my homie catch him
Now he really looking like a diamond
Y’all the type to say I had it coming to me
How ironic that we did the bank rob
Y’all the type to tell me link up but I ain’t link up he better thank god
And I seen them giving me applause
Giving me applause then turning my enemies
And I seen him running with the sauce
Running with the sauce he ain’t got the recipe
Don’t come to me acting buddy buddy
Imma need a body or a need the money
Yeah I said that imma pull the trigger
Because ain’t nobody gonna do it for me
Stay in the city a minute they say
That you finished I call it the ends
When I’m out the city then y’all can forget me
I leave everybody for dead
It’s on they mind they better say it to me
They don’t do no talking off of Instagram
Got 100k on the advance money
At the label I don’t even shake hands
All y’all boys all jealous
Ain’t shit they can tell us
When the ting go (gunshot x4)
Everybody looking angelic
Imma go get the range and I park it now
She get the work and she walk it out
Mouth looking big as my pockets now
Still don’t get what they was talking bout
You know who you are if you was fronting on me
Probably ducking on me when I come through
And I can’t complain to be in my position
‘Cause I can’t imagine if I was you


They ain’t ever ’bout to eat like us
Get the money chuck the peace sign up
I don’t think I gotta remind ya
Ain’t a felon you just speak like one
Way before I learned to speak like one
Who was holding down the 351
I know some would probably switch up on me on some fame shit when it come to it
But the only time that shit was getting to me when I seen my motherfuckin’ friends do it (yeah)
Like the feds like the feds do it
I been gone for a minute
Gone for a minute now I’m ’bout to get to it

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