Roy Woods – Ice In My Jewels lyrics

[Intro: Roy Woods]
Mike, you gotta let em’ know what’s goin’ on one time

Off of this Xanny she look like a zombie (x2)
So I had to just pass her to my Zombie
All my young niggas we comin’ like Army

[Verse 1: Roy Woods]
I know you want to see what I’m always on, you’re on to me
No, you want to see what I’m usually’ on, you’re into me
Why you talkin’ ’bout me behind my back girl honestly
Why you always on why these fake niggas copy me (ooh)
Say less if you gettin’ lit
Mada’s when she lit
She drink ‘n she lit
She fuck ‘n she lit (ah)
I got all my nigg-as
I got all my shoot-as
They don’t use compu-tas
Diamond’s fly like Frieza
And Goku and Gohan
After fightin’ Cell ya’
Use Ka-Me-Ha-Me-Ha
All my energy (yah)
Can’t come to my Le-gion
You ain’t savin’ no one
You’re not Justice League fam–
No Supa-Man

[Break: Roy Woods]
Camera’s on me sayin’ Cheese
You ridin’ in a Saleen
Pull up in the Ghost and Jag
Niggas didn’t want to have–
Problems, all my Problems, all my Drama
Drama, all my Drama they can’t handle… Ooh-Ooooh

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