Marcus Orelias – Elysium lyrics

[Intro: Sulyiman as Avidius Cassius]

Children of Rome
This isn’t the underground anymore
We aren’t from the underground anymore
The people have spoken in favor of a new Rome
The senate doesn’t believe we’ll take their bodies
We’re more interested in their souls, and then their homes and then their streets
Lend me your voices then your ears and then your hearts
See the fields, feel the sun because after today!
Elysium awaits us!

[Verse 1: Marcus Orelias]

What I gotta say to the senate?
Well uhhh, I’m back years older, years colder
Put twenty candles on my birth cake
And when I die put twenty women where I lay
In a room with a tomb full of gold
Only medal we seen was a tool pulled on you
And I never had a silver spoon in my mouth
Guess why I’m hungry, guess why I’m hungry now
It’s my birthday so I need to chill out in the worst way
They got me sitting in here politicking with people in the industry
I don’t even know where to start at
Trying to find where my art at, where my heart at?
Passing up bills ran by me hurdling contracts

[Bridge 2: Sulyiman]

20s a Difficult Age, you start seeing the world for what it really is
And I’m telling you, you don’t have to accept it
So ride with me to build a new Republic
Today you will fight, today you might die but today you will find immortality
Marcus had the senate to answer, me?
I answer to no one! [Laughs]
He said being happy is inside, it’s in your thoughts
Focus on now, let me see, let them know you are mean’t to live as you are supposed to! Ah!

Rachael Messer as Volusia:

Prepare for war!

[Verse 2: Marcus Orelias]
My arguments to the senate are really aimed at the census
With censorship of [censored] like a case study census
Insist and they senses us, the real us gets assassinated
If you finally get ’em agrevated
Step out of line with the assembly you’ll see heads stuck on block
They want it on a chop block!
No problem, no harm done – don’t feel harmed, you won’t be
Moving towards living stoically fought these feelings of inadequacy when I started on this path at eighteen
No looks didn’t vex me, looked within’ and everything that happened suited me
Tailored all life is so senators, lets begin
And toast a wine glass to the God, Dionysus

[Outro: Marcus Orelias]

Uh (x12)

Rachael Messer as Volusia:

Hail Avidius Cassius! (x4)

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