Lil B – Still Going lyrics

Aye, going, going, going
Aye, she still going
Aye, shout out San Francisco
Aye, shout out… aye

[Verse 1]
The bitch still ho-in’ (Ho-in’)
Don’t lie (Don’t lie)
Bend over (Bend over)
From the side (From the side)
Crackhead bitch twerkin’ for a sack (Sniff!)
I’m a lesbian lookin’ for a strap (Mwah!)
Fuck nigga, you can handle all that (All that!)
Take a couple loads off my back (Back!)
Pull out the ladder (Ladder!)
Got the hammer (Hammer!)
I’mma fuckin’ plumber (Plumber)
I’mma fuckin’ general (Pack)
You don’t love Lil B, then fuck ’em (Fuck ’em!)
Playin’ games nigga, I ain’t bout no discussion (Judge ’em)
All my niggas comin’ from the projects (Projects)
All my bitches come from the suburbs
Niggas hatin’ on me, you a dumb nigga (Dumb nigga)
Bitch ass nigga, you the n-word (Fuck ’em!)
Bitches know about Lil B (Lil B!)
Niggas know about Lil B (Figaro!)

[Verse 2]
The bitch don’t got a job (Job!)
But make money (Money!)
How the fuck you do that, ho? (Ho!)
The bitch talk a lot (A lot!)
But ain’t funny (Ha ha!)
Shut the fuck up, ho!
Beat my bitch like Floyd Mayweather (Weather!)
Beat my bitch like Lil Reese (Hah!)
These hoes be snitchin’ (Snitchin’!)
That’s why the bitch deceased (Damn!)
I ain’t playin’ no games (No games!)
I ain’t sayin’ no names (No names!)
I ain’t playin’ with no bitch (No bitch!)
And I ain’t playin’ with no nigga (No nigga!)
This that Platinum Flame Lil B (Lil B!)
This that 5 with the 43 (43!)
I can’t respect no snitch nigga (Naw!)
These hoes lyin’ on a rich nigga (Rich nigga!)

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