Lil B – Big Dawg lyrics

[Verse 1]
When she do that dance, when she do that dance
Bitch so thick, made it drop with no hands
The goons in the party bitch, everybody dance
My young niggas with me and we down for the scam
Niggas hating on us bitch and I don’t understand
Shout out East Oakland, I’m tryna buy a van
Playing with me, that’s the shit I don’t understand
Playing with us, we gon…
Bitches wanna fuck all my young niggas that scam
Cracking credit cards like a fucking African
We all fucking black bitch, that’s what I’m saying
Bitch wanna fuck cause she know I got them bands
Bitches wanna fuck, they know I’m the man
Niggas so jealous they tried to pull out my dreads
Call me BasedGod, it’s ten bitches in my bed
Call me BasedGod bitch, you heard what I said


[Verse 2]
Your bitch wants to fuck, your bitch wants to fuck
All the real niggas that’s down in the cuts
I’m a trap nigga so I might be on the bus
Nigga [?] them, they know about us
Thank you BasedGod about loyalty and trust
Nigga understand [?] about us
Niggas be laughing cause I’m riding on the…
The very next day the nigga bitch got…
The pretty bitch, I’m a… you can’t trust
Break down, you niggas don’t want…
I can’t be a pimp because I…
They hate Lil B [?]
Big dog, you know I stand up
Big bruh, nigga you know my bands up
Big dog, nigga you know I stand up
Bitch, you know I got them bands up

[Outro Chorus]
(You know what I’m saying, we get money)
(We got bitches. We got [?])
(Everything. Big fucking dawg. Big bruh. Platinum Flame)

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