Cardi B – Everything lyrics

You know, people underestimated me
And making me feel like I’m never gonna amount to shit because I used to be a stripper
It feels like I’m getting whipped in the back, with words
But you know what?
They don’t see the bigger picture
I had to feed myself, I had to feed my family
But you know what?
Just here me out

[Verse 1]
Lord forgive me for my sins
Forgive me for the crazy shit I wish I never did
I’m simply just a young hood girl tryna win
I just want it all, and I gon’ pretend
Like I ain’t never had to suck a dick to pay my rent
I’m tryna get my family out the hood and new cribs
I wanna finish paying my mothers new whip
I do it for a cause, so understand the kid
I want my little girl to go to school in Fort Lee
Schools in the hood, got him crazy, man he three
And it’s fucked that it ain’t how it’s supposed to be
He should be counting 123’s and ABC’s
And momma used to beat my ass like every week
That’s because she can’t have nothing but love for me
I wanna spoil her so much, oh lord please
That’s my everything
My everything, my family

You know what?
Even when I was stripping, like bitches was worried ’bout the wrong things
Oh they want red bottoms, they want the biggest cars
Like I’m worried ’bout my father stop cab driving
Before he turn sixty, and my mom stop being a cashier before she fifty like
That’s why I’m working so hard out here
That’s why I go so hard
Not for me, but for them though
You feel me?

[Verse 2]
Note to self, for my sister Hennessy
Try and go to school, finish up and get degrees
Don’t be fucking trick niggas, just so you can eat
That’s the shit I did and it really makes me weak
I would close my eyes, dying for it to be over
The thought of a stranger inside, I just can’t be sober
Dirty ass breath, breathing all over my shoulders
Ain’t no bitch gon’ tell you that, just respect the soldier
And I wanna tell my dad, you don’t gotta cab
Drive for two whole weeks just to make a stack
You don’t gotta drive no more, I’m gon’ change all that
I put that on my everything, I’m gon’ pray for that

You know when I was a little girl I used to tell my mom
“Hey mom, when I grow up, I’m gonna buy you a house, I’m gonna buy you a car”
Until I turned eighteen, it’s like damn, I can’t even get me my own apartment
So, it’s just like, now that I’m in this position I’m gonna
I’m gonna take full advantage of it
Like oh my gosh, I can’t wait till I get to surprise my mom
Like, “Hey, I didn’t went to college, but look, look at me mom, look at me now, look, look mom, look, look at your house, This is your house! Not mines, but yours, and I bough it for you!”

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