Tiffany Hulse – Wanderlust lyrics

[Verse 1]
Hawaii is calling and I must go
Aruba, Havana, or Mexico
Just a few weeks against the stream
Anywhere will do with waves and sunbeams
A pineapple a day keeps the worries away

I don’t think that it would mean too much
To say the thoughts that I think out loud
But you know that I just can’t help
But consider life outside of my cloud
I’m longing for something even if
I’m not sure exactly what that is
Run or you rust
I’m suffering from wanderlust

[Verse 2]
The wonders of the world are waiting for me
Living in the shelter is no place to be
It’s never easy to let your hair down
The dreamers will dream but the skeptics will drown
I have an unhealthy calling to be where I’m not

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