Zach Wolf – Brother lyrics

[Verse 1]
Well all my walls are built to thick
It feels right now, feels right now
And i’m loosing my substance quick can you tell can you tell
I’m sleeping in the shadow where my fear takes its flight
I’m dreaming in the gallows where my mind is standing by
But you’re the one, who needed me, right now

[Verse 2]
So take me back home take me back home
Cuz I’m not sure what you need
Take me back home take me back
As i’m running through these violent trees
Over these walls watching them fall
So you know that you’re not alone

So try to be i’ll try to be the brother that I know you need
Look at me oh look at me and we’ll defeat the lies you see
And love will take the pain
So remember this one thing

That we’re all the same
Driving through this place
And we’re all the same right now
Love will make a way
Just hold onto your strength
Cuz we’re all the same right now

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