Chief Keef – Couldn’t Take It Lyrics

Leave the door open baby, I get cakey
Daily, got the gun in, that’s on safety
Mama always told never let a nigga play me
Then I got my ass whooped, and I couldn’t take it
What’s the situation? That’s the situation baby
Cooling with the paper, balling in a major
Shoot ’em in some typa way, then baby I take that
Pull up on the mothafucking label, where my cake at?
‘Fore I up this mothafucking choppa and spray it
I’ma get some Rugers, I was tired of Glock 40’s
Put it on Blood, bitch I’m guaped shawty
Put it on cuz, I’m on hot shawty
I’ll grill ya ass, on the spot shawty
[?] to the summer, chinchillas in the winter

I heard them fuck niggas was plotting on the low
From the Chiraq, I be spying on the low
I know everything before the thot did know
Pull up on your block poppin’ shit, Crisco
I am rich now, ‘member when I was in the field

I can buy anything I want
Anything I want and then more
I ain’t never been to Mexico
But I’m smoking on Texaco
Remember pulling up in Volvos
Now I get 90 for 4 shows
Doing cars for the shows
Put it in the water, let’s flow
This ice comes from the North Pole
This don’t stop for my hoe
Man I got the fucking pack
And I got the muthafucking sack
It’s a lot of snakes in the grass

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