Tweed Deluxe – Sea Of Cortez lyrics

I went south of the border, for some vacation fun
I flew to Cabo San Lucas, for some time in the sun
There were lots of margaritas, cold Tacate beer
There were lots of brown eyed senoritas, they were everywhere

But I had come down alone
No one to call my own, no one to call my own

I walked up the beach in the morning, headed into town
I wandered up to the Mango Deck, to see what was going down
Bob Marley and the Wailers were jamming, to the sound of the sea
The air smelled of chorizo and coffee, and refried beans

And then she walked my way
And she asked me my name, she asked me my name

She said her name was Niele, from the Sea of Cortez
A little town called Guaymas, that’s where she was bred
Here hair was so beautiful, and her skin was so fair
She had a voice that rocked my universe, I was already there

Niele girl won’t you take my hand
Niele girl I want to be your man, I want to be your man

My vacation had ended, it was time to go home
I packed my bags and headed to the lobby but, my Niele was gone
I walked up to the concierge, and he handed me a note
It was from my Niele and this is exactly what she wrote

She wrote I never want to see you again
I never want to see you again
Oh, my Niele, oh my Niele
Why’d you have to hurt me so bad
Why’d you have to make me feel so sad

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