Deafheaven – Windows lyrics


Hey, what’s up man?
I need three, you got em’ with you?
OK, but I’m not gonna do any of that waiting around
Uh, I got enough for three, that’s it, I’m not cashing
I’m telling you man, I can’t cash you out, alright

By the precious blood of Jesus Christ
Her sins will be judged
And God will cast you into the lake that burns with fire and brimstone
Where there is weeping, and mashing of teeth
Where the fire is never quenched and where the worm dieth not
It is a place called Hell, and Hell is real
Jesus spoke more of Hell than he did of Heaven
And the loving warning
Who was warned to flee the wrath of God
The Bible says that because of your hard and impenitent heart you are storing up wrath for the day of wrath
Where God’s righteous judgement will be prevailed
God offered you grace and mercy and forgiveness through the gospel
The Bible says the gospel is the power of God and the salvation for all who believe, to the Jews first, and then to the Gentiles
The gospel message, gospel means good news
It’s a message of hope, it’s a message of God’s mercy
It’s where God has demonstrated his love, by sending his son, his only begotten son, into the world, to seek and to save the lost

Eight 2-15’s? Alright
Alright man, just to let you know, I’ve been dicked around before, alright

I know man, I’ve just been fucked around before, alright
I’ve got sixty bucks, that’s it, I told you I’ve got sixty bucks
I’ve got sixty bucks, that’s it, that’s all I have, that’s the last of my money

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