Buckwheat Catapillar – Hitler Is A Jerk! lyrics

Hitler is a Jerk !
Seig Heil !
Mussolini bit his weeny now it doesn’t squirt

Hitler is a jerk !

Aryan nation big sensation if you can not think
The racists they don’t think, Cos Logics on the blink
The Skin heads got no brainz, The Skin heads are Insane
We view them with disdain, Cos their middle names are Jane

Hitler is a Jerk !

The KKK ain’t helped no man to find a better way
Their hatred’s in the way, Will hatred win the day
The wizard must be Gay, The Skinheads must be Gay ?
That’s why they wear their hair that way,
That’s why they wear their hair that way

Hitler is a jerk !

There’s a place in France where the ladies wear no pants
And the dance they do cost a dollar ninety two
There’s a hole in the wall and we can see it all, We can see it all

Hitler is a jerk !

Racist’s Suck! The Skinheads suck !
The Skinheads they don’t work
Hayden lake ? Big Mistake
Hayden lake ? Vacation Town
We’ll burn a Cross. Bring your Friends !

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