Bob Gaulke – How Long? lyrics

Let’s have a contest
Holding our breath
The winner is the loser
Of what you can’t guess

Lucky if you had it
Free as a child
If you never get it again
You’ll surely die

Race to the place
Who’s more grown up?
Everybody lies when
They’re adults

End up with the money
You’ll feel set up
Loneliness inside of you
Swallows sports cars

How long can you live without love? (x4)

Too proud to hurt
To beg and crawl
So you wait with the bait
You chose to swallow

Went to the same schools
Laughed at the same things
Fought on the same side
Dreamed the same dreams

Got the solution
It’s here in my hands
It costs no money
There’s no scam

Bloodless revolutions
Need a kick start
With you and a little
Change of heart

Miles of vacations
Nice restaurants
You’re screaming at kids
Cursing out moms

Crying like a baby
In nobody’s arms
If you’re so smart
Where did you go wrong

Somehow we all don’t
Come apart
’til someone points a gun
Straight at our hearts

Fake it with movies
Chocolate props
Sundays it all comes
Crashing down

I turn you on I turn you off
I make you come; I make you cough
It’s a comic book drawn in the dark
I’ll save you from falling in love

Verse: E | A | B D
Chorus: A |B

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