Chief Keef – Gotta Sack (Remix) Lyrics

[Hook: Chief Keef]

I got a sack now
Try us, it’s mac rounds
Call us 30 clips, shawty blow your back down
You can’t turn me down
‘Cause this is that loud
I ain’t the mans, bitch?
Shit, how that sound?

Just for a fact, now
I got a sack now
I love to stunt, bitch
I act a ass, now (x2)

[Verse 1: Jay J]

If you call that loud, please invest in something louder/
Red beam you can see it from the Eiffel Tower/
But that’s only if you disrespect me while I’m getting allowance wit my niggas/
Why y’all be smoking that midget?/

Getting this high, don’t attempt it/
ASAP this shit can get rocky/
I’m getting that paper, come watch me/
My nigga come watch me/

Bitch nigga I ain’t tryna match/
For a fact that shit you smoking is trash/
Weed smell all in my bag/
On my homies dash, ashes and wraps/

Won’t you go head’ and just turn up the bass/
I mean the bass/
You think your shit’s hot
But really it ain’t/

Hearing you rap is like spit in the face/
I’m wrapping this up with some glue and some tape/
Breaking it down so you can relate/
So high that I’m in a daze/

Orange hairs glisten with the crystals on the face/
Ghost OG right now’s my favorite/

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