G Herbo – 4 Minutes of Hell Part 5 Lyrics

Yall know what the fuck this is
Yall know exactly what this is

My lil cousin in the county fighting quadruple bodies
But when he beat it, we in Egypt, need a newer hobby
He beat his robbery, went back faster than a Maserati
Everybody in the race, I’m tryna cop Bugatti’s
Lost my ?? a year, but ain’t nobody rob me
We’ll come shoot up the party, ain’t no Lodi Dodi
I got niggas calling my phone from the federales
Told me niggas breaking bad, ain’t sent him 20 dollars
I remember breaking bread with like 20 heads
Imagine me behind the walls for like 20 years
Feeling like I’m dead, I couldn’t even make my bed
I ain’t have no spread
Project still 10 toes bitch and only got 1 leg
Niggas only had 1 life to live, never got no bread
Can’t think back on his decisions now he ain’t got no head
Niggas don’t really be clapping that lead
Yeah, really be scared
My niggas gon’ hop out killing instead
Make sure you cover them dreads
You in the streets better cover your tracks
You can’t talk to that hoe when you going to bed
Wonder how you end up shot in the back
Same way she was for you, that hoe going again
Next thing you know that hoe going again
Yeah gone with the wind
Bitches don’t know when I’m calling again
Next week I’m all in her friends
.40 Glock all in my drawers again
To walk through the mall again
I made 50 songs, had to ball again
Bitch go leak em all again
I’m making songs like Future, I got a future
And I be up with the roosters
Fuck niggas really be losers, really be using
Thats why I’m dolo as usual
And that’s why I tote my own pole with the shooters
I can’t be in this shit snoozing
If a nigga ain’t shooting he ducking or running
And I can’t be in this shit choosing
I remember I used to just play with a 100
Then graduated to 2’s
I remember I used to just bag up them onions
Then graduated to moving
And really my life is a movie
Real diamonds and gold in my jewerly
If you think you gon’ make it, nigga come take it
It do not matter, got Uzi’s
Told my Jeweler to make it, 80 point bracelet
Now ain’t no wonder she naked
Told lil bro to get closer to knock off his face
Cuz we don’t get niggas mistaken

Yeah we fry niggas like bacon
We find niggas like Taken
I’m from 0-7-9
I’m dropping 5’s
And I’m still slamming the rake’s
Still grippin four nickels and S 550’s
This what ima slide on the jakes in
They can’t catch me cuz them squad cars basic
Me and foenem up in our cars racing
Ain’t no pulling over, so we in hot cars daily
And we ain’t instagraming shit, ain’t no haha Davis
I got the gun with the light and the laser
I live my life and the light is amazing
I used to lean on a lot of the lazy
I would just lay back literally lettin her lick me
She did it long like my lady
I think her name was Lindsey, Lala, Lisa, Laura
I’ll get with her later
But I know I’m gon get this to this paper
Yeah I gotta get to the guap
If I don’t ima get on a caper
Soon as I used to get on the block
Police tryna give a nigga the vapor
Why they thinkin I’m gettin niggas knocked off
I’m somewhere way out here in Jamaica
Now I’m gettin a nigga knocked right off the map
Cuz my paper major
Everyday of my life I talk to Cap
He said don’t go to no major
So I ain’t go to no major
Still get major paper
Ain’t got no events, we hit a 100 bands
I been fucking hoes that had another man
See 2 50’s on the weekend, that was running in
We still counting rolls, traveling for shows
30 in bulk, 20 and 30 a show
Ain’t’ fucking no dirty hoes
No I ain’t broke no more
My mama don’t live in the hood no more
I ain’t in the hood no more
I barely pop out in the hood no more
And the henny ain’t worth it no more
Nah I ain’t working no more
I ain’t tryna blow 30s no more
You can’t see me in person no more
I ain’t just Lil Herbie no more
Yeah, I ain’t just Lil Herbie no more
A lot of shit ain’t worth it no more
Can’t see me in person no more
Nah I ain’t working no more
Them lil disses ain’t working no more
You lil niggas ain’t worth it no more

G Herbo, back on my old shit man
You know I’m still on some new shit
You know I’m bossed up, embracing all my power
But I’m back on my old shit man, I don’t give a fuck
Bout none of that shit niggas talkin’ bout
We still on gangsta shit, we still seeing niggas
In public, in the club, smacking the shit out niggas
Hittin’ niggas with bottles, pistol-whipping niggas
All that gangsta shit, with all this ice on
All these VV’s on, Rollies on, all that nigga
We got 30’s on us, Glocks, FN’s, all that shit, you know
Still dropping 4 Minutes Of Hell on you fuck niggas
This part 5 right here, in case you didn’t know
You know what I’m saying, free all my niggas
R.I.P. my niggas man, I’m in the studio right now
Got my big bro in here, Sizzle, with me, top in here
You know, brazy, Big B’s, you know, G-Squeak
In this bitch, uh huh… for real, and we got more guns
Than us… for real, for real, for real, for real, for real….
Them bitches ain’t never touching Instagram
Nothin, none of that, never seeing Instagram
Snapchat, none of that silly ass shit you niggas
Doing, cuz we out here for real (bitch)…

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