Mozzy – Like You Say You Do (1 Up Top Ahk Album)

[Intro: Mozzy]
Four finger banging, I’m from four park
Pop a couple pills and then smoke ports
Y’all don’t know nothing ’bout that gangster shit, ah
I got shooters in my corner, they don’t play about me
Nigga watch what you say about me
Nah, they don’t play about me

[Verse: Mozzy]
I got shottas in my corner, they don’t play about me
Watch what you say about me
They chewing faces ’bout me
We in this ancient Audi, it’s in Alicia name
But this blammy I’m brandishing in them people’s name
My younging gunning for nothing, little Uzzy need a name
Inquired about his prices when I seen his aim
Them better days never came when we prayed for ’em
The oven on 450, keep the place warm
Jordan’s launching every month, I had to beg for ’em
And she still ain’t cop ’em, my grades started dropping
My gang started popping, ain’t no way I’m going to college
Momma and poppa couldn’t save me when them niggas robbed me
It’s traumatizing watching bullets penetrate a body
Without a body, niggas treat you like you ain’t nobody
You know I got it, I’m bagging up all this powder
Purchase 20 P’s, all sour
Be there in a hour
1750 on the counter
I promise it’s all there, you could count it
I never got an allowance
Now I’m up a couple hundred thousand
Slither through the hood, I’m just browsing
Peanut butter couches in the foreign got me lounging
Thinking ’bout this ‘Rarri, discussing with my accountant
My mama looking at houses, told her to point ’em out
And we gone make it happen, you know what your boy about
Watch how they follow the route
Getting to it for real
We don’t need a deal, niggas gucci over here
Cubicals in the air, cubicals in the charm
Tell ’em ring the alarm, a Cali nigga in charge
Banging B-Sunny, they tackled him on the yard
Anything can happen when shackled behind bars
Nah, you don’t love me like you say you do
When them suckers slid on me, nigga, fuck you do
A single body ain’t enough, gotta come anew
I’m 100 through and through, ain’t nothing new
You don’t love me like you say you do

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