Don Q – Corner Stories (Corner Stories Reloaded Album)

[?] :There’s certain tapes that really take shit to another level for an artist
With 50 it was 50 Cent was the Future
When it was Wiz Khalifa it was Kush & Orange Juice
You know, Drake it was obviously So Far Gone
J. Cole, The Come Up
Does this feel like one of those for you?

(D-Lo on the beat)
Corner stories nigga
Takin’ niggas to the corner for real nigga
For real, for real
Yeah, yeah
Whoa, whoa

I pull up on bitches that fronted when we ain’t had nothin’
My nigga we came here from nothin’
Niggas just makin’ assumptions
We faithfully pumpin’
I woke up and shaved me an onion
I put my hood on the map
They talkin’ that talk
But they ain’t put they foot in the trap
I put down that pack
Man, I couldn’t relax
Perfected my craft
Now look where I’m at
I’m not forgettin’ it
Pourin’ and sippin’ it
Me and you, we not equivalent
Yeah yeah yeah
I’m [?] it
Water I’m drippin’ it
Avianne got me drenched in it
I’m Perk poppin’, Louis shirt rockin
The work pop, I take her purse shoppin’
I put Céline on my main bitch
Channel for my second and third options
I’m frontin’ in Fendi
I’m back off the bubble
Them racks in the duffle
I keep it stuffed
My neighbors is bitchin’
I’m plannin’ on buyin’ a crib
On a lake when the lease is up
The money callin’ and I keep in touch
If it ain’t blind you
You ain’t see enough
I’m callin’ Jordan when I’m re-in’ up
I got a shipment comin’ if my [sneakers scuffed]
They know me for pourin’ two liters up
Straight out the bottle
You know I don’t need a cup
10,000 to brighten the pinkie up
I could’a put that on a Kia truck
I’d rather stack it till I’m in the Aston
With the system blastin’ while I’m whippin’ past ’em
Woods burnin’ like I’m in the cabin
Expensive fashion when the pictures snappin’
I go to Atlanta I’m hittin’ them firest bitches
Give Xans and them Mollies to biches
Percs and the Roxies we fuck on a lot of prescriptions
‘Cause you treat ’em like Hollywood bitches
Slide in your DM, but I don’t be followin’ bitches
I just had to block a few bitches
See ’em in public I’m duckin’ and dodgin’
I can’t even say I acknowledge you bitches

[?] :Yeah man, Don
You know, I.. I.. I appreciate… For me, as a journalist
There’s no better time for an artist. This is most exciting time
As an artist. These are always my favorite interviews because it’s like…
Don Q: These are special moments right here
[?]: Yeah, you got that glow man, definitely, the.. the… It’s there in Corner Stories. I think… it’s gonna cement it man. So I’m just happy to be a part of it
Don Q: Yeah man. I’m happy to have you a part of it man
[?]: My man though!
Don Q: Corner Stories

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