K.A.A.N. – Stillness Lyrics

Yes Lawd, Nawledge!

[Verse 1]

See i got nothing but love for ya, that’s all we spreading to em
I swear i can’t complain feel like i’m highly favored
I’ve seen compression the press forward pushing myself applying pressure from every angle trying to cover my bases
I’m making sure we straight over time as i double check it don’t get it twisted like you chubby checker
I’m tryna, see the world on a tour bus double decker’d upper echelon no regular with no one next to us
Me myself and i on some fly shit refuse to act like refuse to act like i’m apart of some basis we breaking ties
Never saving face for the sake of saving a lie its the truth and the truth is real so that’s all that we serve to them
Independent i’m on my own while they sign like some servants hydroplane when i write it the way i curve with the cursive assert my services separate lyrics should serve the melodies i’m more concerned with messages than memorizing how i feel
This is real no cubic zirconia a flawless diamond in the rough Dirty Diana princess cut a standing ovation round of applause they need to give it up
Leave them severely scared like a scab if they ever pick at us
That last line wasn’t deep but i bet it still connected or hovers over your center lobe like a head dress
And holy matrimony pull the vale up and see your future i passed the litmus test on every level leave me lone
I need space every beats a peace of cheese cake ill take a pickers dozen handle business never delay for peat sake i’m regressing to my old ways press the pen to paper i’m preparing for the long race

A marathon if you will i got the stamina endurance to endure a deplorable situation
My steady need to believe
This that Oh La Oh Veto!! There go that sound again

I’ve realize its not what you say but the way you say it my epiphany cause its not the game its the way I play it respect is everything don’t you ever forget

You need to get up get out and get something (uh, huh)
You need to get up get out and get something (uh, huh)
Don’t let the days of yo life pass by (Oh, Nah)
Don’t let the days of yo life pass by (Oh, Nah)
Don’t let the days of yo life pass b (Oh, Nah)

[Verse 2]

Now keep your eyes on the prize and never take em off it
Marginalize every win and learn from the loses
This game is risk and reward but i’m never wary at war i’m unorthodox my rapport is rather brass and incredible
Autobiographical lines they more than legible pushing on this underground rail road feel like Harriet Tubman moving on a speed boat my main next post is moving into yo geographical grid

Coming to a home near you god willing true spilling all up in yo jaw when i fill it
No Anastasia needed my procedure is quick yo vanity facetious and pretentious you dig
I think we got it on lock but we could always improve gotta excel and succeed sold separately
Ya lack of attention to detail is revealing to me it says one of two things your a novice or lazy but baby
They they either blind or crazy i guarantee that ill make it excuses are for the week or the faint at heart but i’m neither
Refuse to be like all of these has-beens they had it at some point but lost it awhile ago
A lack of preparation is the reason you fail no one to blame but yourself when you fall and never get back up
Just keep a level headed focus but don’t ever give up

Nah i said don’t ever give up

Nawl, Nawledge!

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