Denzel Curry – Zeltron 6 Billion [full demo] Lyrics

Ultimate, ultimate, ultimate, ultimate, yeah

[Verse 1: Denzel Curry]
Welcome to the [?], propelled into a realm
So then you meet me at the elm
[?] you could know that I’m from [?]
Like zero, the pain is down to hill
My brain is made of steel
I crash into your soldiers like bricks [?] Shaquille O’Neal
The [?] my nigga I’m lost and frost
I never went to college, don’t even listen to Asher Roth
Sometimes I’m a butterfly, most times I feel like a moth
Killed my insecurities because they tried to make me soft
Kill off you and your posse if you cross me
Have you so shook you wouldn’t even want to cross streets
Pardon me, niggas be, [?]
[?] and you still won’t be as hard as me
Fuck the industry ya’ll only worry ’bout my artistry
Hard to see, RIP my older brother [?]
Dawg, I’m murdering everything inside my allegory
Come back from the dead [?] purgatory
Because you cannot fuck with zeltron 6 bil

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