Marc E. Bassy – Rot Your Brain Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Woke up this morning
But I didn’t woke up, I just got up
Check my instagram to see what’s the lastest gossip
Told myself:
Brush your teeth before you rot your brain
But fuck it man
You know always lose this game start with
Pizza Nisa, there’s some chick, Amina
Some dudes they tag lately
What these girls thinking?
Big swaggy bruh belly
Then my girl, Seli
Cloudynoir, Jesus Christ girl, get healthy
Unfollowed the Biebs
Probably because I’m just jelly
Nicnacbeats got new fire with Felli
Recognize this guy
Let me see his shit
Always on a yatcht
I think I know that bitch
Oh I really do
She’s fucking with her too
And I swear I met her at a Gerald photo shoot
This about the time I realize where I’m at
It’s been 45 minutes
I’m still here on my back
I can’t stop looking
Shit is like crack
If I did take a break
Pornhub and a nap

[Verse 2]
Then I tap in on my ex
See who liking all the pics
Nick Jonas…
What a wee bitch
Now I’m looking at his shit
Is he an upgrade from me?
Marky relax
You just dodged a bullet, you lucky
DM slides
Koreen, Koreen, Koreen
She never reply really but
One day I’m gon (?)
Draws pictures of Pac
Then she naked in the mirror
It’s too much for me to watch
Twenty cats asking how much a verse cost
Some groupie said she had my number but it got lost

[Verse 3]
Gotta scroll through the galore page
I go all the way down
See my ex-next-in, we’re not fucking right now
Yoitsmenick liking every bitch pic
There he go with the rolls
The hoe that sucked the whole clique
To Kill For coming
Kevin Hart running
Police beating up the youth over nothing
21 stunting
All Louis-ed out
Cashoutkeese just flipped another house
Chacheeeeee with six e’s got the cutest damn niece
Lil Dre with the youth skate boarding through the streets
Shabazzo, you the real cultural
Dollar Sign just went gold off Blasé
I love to see my homies win
Only good thing about Instagram

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