Royce Da 5’9″ – Let’s Take Them To War (Freestyle)

[Part 1: "Moves" Remix]

808 Mafia

I’ve been had the moves (been had the moves)
I got the moves since I got my studio (I got my studio)
I got confused (Hella confused)
I can’t figure out for the life of me how I can lose
(how can I lose?)
How I can lose? (how can I lose?)
But I’ve been had moves (I got the moves)

I got I Decided on pre order, my lil homie just went gold
I hock a loogie on a reporter, Detroit is on Pete Rose
That’s arms strong on steroids, gated up no wing toes
My phones blowing up so much a nigga may end up like Cee-Lo
I bounce back like the fattest ass you can have attached to the fattest hips and anything after this shall be considered cataclysmic
Countin’ packs like a statisician
Emphatic charisma
Savage enigma
I have a religion to handle your rhythm like cannibalism
The camera rollin’ and it’s time to flow
I don’t know
I just go carnival
I’m from Motown you know
I can just line up the hollow tips inside the clip
And I can just go down the road
And knock ’em down like some dominoes
After you already out then I’m dropping some more like you 2Pac and the commandos
Watching my comments like papparazi watching Sasha Obama grow
I got Elijah Mohammed glow
I got the dough these rappers claim they got at the house in my drawer in the envelope
My focus phenomenal
My temperature so hot and cold I broke the thermometer
Guarantee I will kill the flow
This remind me of LaLa Anthony ass in that New Edition movie
Niggas tryin’ to cover it up and make her look old
Guarantee I’mma still steal the show
I been had the moves
I remember these bitches was just a dream
Actresses and models I used to only see on television
Now they be climbin’ out of my television lookin’ at me to get the ring
I remember all I used to be around is dudes that used to try to just kill by me
Choppin’ and conceal bodies
Used to clean up the bloody mess up in front of me
I had to holla at a tube
I had to still deal with that field sobriety
Had to do a double take at the dirty mop when he was finished
Looked like Lil Yachty
Nigga, I went to jail for the whole year
I got out and I did the same thing you wack ass rappers do when y’all got your little show here
I came right out to booze/boo’s
Straight right out the news
Right off the cover of a magazine
Had the magazine with me at the club showing people like "Look at this and please try not to drool"
I fuck a Stacy thick ass for all the days she used to make me work
And Tracy slick ass but not before I fuck April first
Translation I’m bout to fool
Y’all countin’ me out well I got you
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, here I count for you

Last time took an ‘L’, now it’s time to bounce back
(I been had the moves)
I was broke as hell, now it’s time to bounce back
(I got the moves)
Every time I fail I got up and bounced back
(I been had the moves)
And nothing y’all can tell me about that bounce back

[Part 2: "No Hook" Remix]

I’m doing this cause this what God want me to do
These lyrics is ordained by the Lord
You gon’ get these bars
For free

It’s bad half and finally famous
The weapon’s Iranian
Y’all niggas is Pomeranian
My damie y’all Pootie Tang
Nigga I’m Damien
Shots drop from out of my cranium
My mind is Lebron drainin’ em
Five finger ring titanium
Already in your top 5
Now my dingaling now dangling
I’m flyer than Tom Chambers on the first NBA Live
Double pumping from the three point NBA line
On that war page with that 24 gauge
But when I double pump it I’m prime Chamberlain
Every track on the record got a background message
“We don’t back down ever!”
I’m putting the autobiographical book out with the Book of Ryan
I just let my bitch in LA read, now that sounds epic
My mind carries words
You couldn’t walk a mile in my patent leather Larry Bird black con weapons
I hope you know theres more fish that’s in the sea
I stole ya ho, we been kissing like we been sitting in a tree
And these ho’s in Detroit be trickin’ sooo much
They can completely gooo up a magician’s sleeve
You’re totally awesome
While I pour 40’s on corners for those we lost
My soul suffers from holy exhaustion
Trippin’ on opium just to cope with openin’ coffins
The devil sittin’ close enough to me to quote me an offer
Keep the union in unison like the Soviet’s marching
We goin’ iron for iron like a trophy in golfing
My nigga, better yet, I feel like the only man who can understand me is Sloth from The Goonies
Cause he retarded as fuck, on a boat with a treasure chest
That makes perfectly good sense
That’s exactly how my career went
Like a fuckin’ experiment
I got a lot on my mind that I gotta deal with
First of all, my favorite uncle died and favorite auntie died
I missed both of they funerals fuckin’ around with rappers
So every day and every night my conscience cries
I’m stressed out because my moms be tired, pops be workin’
And Lord knows I done threw enough dollars on the floor in the past for moms to retire
That’s why I be in the lab and my mind be wired
Trying to figure it out fast before my time expires
Man, but it’s this one thing that always on my fucking mind and it haunts me constantly guys
And that’s why in the fuck have I not at least tried to get in between Ashanti’s thighs
I’m feeling like a straight sucker I faced the vibration
My sober, righteous life only got a place for my lady
But maybe I can ask my lady for permission
She can give me a hall pass like Jason Sudeikis
This audio porn I’m giving with a bit of sense
A mind fuck if you will
I’m from Detroit but if I send you to the store with a large bill for some little shit
Bitch, I was born by a river in a little tent
Now I just ride with six vehicles with an ill tint
I’m cut from the kind of cloth that’ll never go outta style
With or without the internet my shit’ll still trend
That’s why I’m still standing with everything I came with
Cool as a Jacuzzi everything in me is built in
Nah, I don’t borrow I’d rather discuss loaning
I’m ready to go to war with whoever the fuck want it
Y’all weigh your respect against your release date
I’m just an artist dog I don’t know how to be fake
I don’t want no problems dog
I don’t wanna be apart of nothing with lies involved
I don’t want no phone that receives a thousand calls
I don’t need to be around a thousand smiling broads
With they hands out
Probably couldn’t survive without em all
But they can’t vouch for who the next sucker

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