G Herbo – Another Day (feat. King Louie) (Welcome To Fazoland Album)

Louie what’chu on bro?

[Verse 1: Lil Herb]
Another day, another body droppin’
If I go broke then I’mma rob somebody
A fragile body can’t survive a shotty
Pump a nigga, I’ll slump a nigga
And I been shot at by a bunch a niggas
But I’ll still never run from a nigga
Catch a nigga hollows flyin’ for dem niggas
50 hit every last one of niggas
Got some old heads that’ll slump a nigga
But you still can get killed by my younger niggas
My young niggas hungry, put ’em on a lick
And they’ll take every last thing from a nigga
I got hittas wit’ me rollin’ off a flat
Now it’s hittas in me, ridin’ wit’ this 30
I might high speed, so I think that I might go get me a Hemi
Lil bro gotta 30 now it’s me and 60
We ain’t goin’ in ’til them bitches empty
Mally tryna make his Glock go empty
Ridin’ on them oppers but they block so empty
Kobe make me wanna catch a body
Seeking for revenge, but that’s not forgiveness
My niggas ridin’ wit’ it, they on business
Shoot a brick a hunnid times, put that on Guiness
My hittas know they don’t condone the snitchin’
Fuck a trial, broski dome the witness!
Lookin’ for them niggas, why they keep sneak dissin’
See him in the field, up the nickel
Niggas act like they pretendin’
Bitch I’m in the field wit’ the steel
Niggas say they wanna kill me, act like they forgettin’
Lil bro keep a Glock wit’ 30 shots for any block
Wit’ red beams to help them pay attention

[Verse 2: King Louie]
Another day, another dollar for me
Wake up and get to the money
Money on me so that tool is on me
If I want him gone, I’ll put money on ’em
AKs wit’ them hunnids in ’em
Let ’em up, bring out the runner in ’em
Ion bop I do the money dance
Pack louder than an ambulance
I be goin’ dumb wit’ my big head friends
Them new hun duns make me feelin’ friends
I spend hella bands on my Robin jeans
Gotta get this green by any means
Cop killas in the magazines
From the block to the magazines
I’m Mike, yo bitch Billie Jean
Make her best friend lick her belly ring
My life like a Belly scene
Catch me flexin’ in that Pelle thing
Bitches want me like a wedding ring
No answer I just let it ring
No time to talk baby ‘tml’
And ion set up no voicemail
M.O.B. ’til I D-I-E
Wit’ a beam on tha heat, I could shoot a bee
Shoot a creep in the eye and tell ’em, "see"
I told yo dumbass not to fuck wit’ me
No love for a bitch I just fuck and leave
She just suckin’ dick, and she ugly
I’m sick of gettin’ bands I got counterflu
Killas a hit up a carnival
Get shot hella times like its lots of you
We DOA they can’t doctor you

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