HorseShoe Gang – Out Of Touch (Anti-Trap Music Album) letras

(Crying) This crack shit man is got me man
Got no control over it ma. I’m trying to kick man
This be calling me man calling me man
I just gotta go to it

[Julius Interlude]
Yeh. That’s how you got our people sounding dumb mothafuckers
Fuck this. Yeh. Check it

[Verse 1: Julius]
2Pac was cryo genetically frozen now I’m him un-thawed
Realest mothafucker anybody ever saw
I grew up around hell and niggas coping that raw
My neighbors walking round with that Bobby Brown jaw
I think that’s why I’m confused I’m amused I’m perplex
How niggas rap about drugs but never about it’s effects
Labels want you rapping about trapping to succeed
Now these mice running to the trap to get the cheese
Jay-Z never made D-boy music for bitches bodies to twerk
Hustler music is one fasten of his body of work
Fuck the trap, Nigga I rather set a mothafucker free
If trap music have to die, then Sailor motherfuckin’ V

[Hook: Julius]
I can’t feel it, maybe I’m too numb
Since I can’t feel it, Do that mean I’m outta touch?
Oh man, I can’t feel it (can’t feel it x2)
Man I can’t feel it (can’t feel it x2)
All they rap about is trapping I swear I had enough
What the fuck happened to the shit I used to love
They rap about drugs that’s killing the kids
I ain’t fucking with it on some real nigga shit

[Verse 2: Demetrius]
My lil’ niece said she a trap queen
But she don’t know what that mean
She don’t know no crack fiend
She not in love with the coco oh no
She don’t know about that scene
She just wanna sing along the song that her whole class sing
Your lyrics are irresponsible and who ever sponsors you irresponsible too
My lyrics’ll mirror what Pac’ll do
You hear a "Dear Mama 2" before I’m you
It’s now impossible for you to have a clear conscience Dropping that pure garbage
I’m dropping that pure knowledge
My lyrics is near conscience too
My content can cure nonsense when I’m holding the listener’s ear hostage
Jewels I’m here to drop a few
You making crack hooks
Hooking for crack
You niggas prostitude

[Verse 3: Kenny]
These trap niggas can’t really be forreal
What the deal? Since you deal, you think you real
You mothafuckers warm wine you need to chill
We all pay for our mistakes and you will receive a bill
Trap music dying is my dream fulfilled
Cause those type of bricks won’t help our people build
Like Comedy Central they promoting Key N’ Peele
Feeding children the message that is no thing to kill
Our own